The Top 10 Reasons Why Customers Choose S-2international LLC:

10. 24/7 accessibility

We're available when you need us! 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days each year, S-2international LLC is ready to quote, book or track your shipment.

9. Experience and success

Our team is comprised of experienced transportation professionals with years of experience across a variety of modes. Our success in handling expedited and sensitive shipments stems from our expertise in the air and expedited ground segments.

8. We’re “right-sized”

We’re a small business, and in our book, smaller is better. We offer personal attention so your shipment never gets “lost in the shuffle”. Everyone in our team has first-hand knowledge of your shipments and needs.

7. Honesty is our policy

You’ll never catch us fudging on the facts - we believe that proactive, honest updates allow you to make optimal decisions about your business.

6. Promptness

Not only do we excel at managing time critical shipments, but everything we do is fast and highly efficient. We offer prompt responses to quotes, securing capacity, providing updates and entering PODS.

5. We “rock”!

Or at least, that’s what our customers say. We’re fun and easy to work with, and always flexible to accommodate any changes in your shipping requirements.

4. Practical rates

Our pricing is competitive, however, we know what it takes to attract quality drivers and capacity, and never compromise service to offer the lowest price.

3. We are partners in your business

We get to know your business and build specific strategies to ensure your satisfaction. As partners, we’ll work together to make sure each shipment goes as planned; and we’ll always go the extra mile and do all we can to help you out in a jam!

2. We’re one step ahead

Our goal is to avoid surprises. Our pledge to proactive communications and problem-solving, paired with an extensive commitment to carrier qualifications puts you ahead of your competition in managing your shipments.

AND the number one reason is….

1. The perfect balance

Our comprehensive, single-sourced ground services, extensive network of qualified trucks of all sizes, competitive pricing, and commitment to service with integrity gives our customers the best balance of service and pricing. We are the BEST choice and BEST value in critical transportation sourcing for shippers of every size.