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S-2 has been great. They have been accommodating to our needs and budget, while also doing a great job. Right away, having our freight delivered on time and handled with care was a load off our minds. We’ve been a customer for four years and our on-time delivery is better, our stress is lower, and our customers are happier ever since we started working with S-2.

Thank you, S-2, for providing us with consistent Peace of Mind. Your services are Second to None.
L. W. - AZ

From start to finish, my experience was a smooth and professional process.
Kudos on providing Service Delivered With HEART.
We are a new manufacturing company and just landed our first contract with a reputable client in the automotive industry. We were in a pinch - facing a major delay in receiving a batch of circuit boards that were critical for the new models on the production assembly line. We were on the fast track of experiencing hours of expensive production downtime due to our inability to locate a shipper to accomodate our time-critical and service sensitive needs of the boards. After making a few calls, we discovered S-2. They were immediately on it and provided us with options tailored for us and our immediate needs. Their “CAN DO” approach was refreshing, professional and thorough.
This extended into the outstanding customer service that we received from our Strategic Account Executive to our Customer Service Specialist.

Thank you, S-2, You Saved The Day for us and we are grateful.

G. H. – TX

As always, you guys shine bright in a dark world.
Keep up the Amazing work.

P.S. - Denver, CO

S-2 Team,
It is a pleasure for us to work with you :)

M.T. - WA

You always meet [our] expectations!

Ryan - Atlanta, GA

[You guys] are fun to work with and get the job done on time!

P.C. - Atlanta, GA

My Strategic Account Executive and the team are always ready to assist in my logistical needs. They respond quickly with urgency and precision. I know I can depend on S-2 !

S.J. - Atlanta, GA

S-2 International is who I call when I need freight moved immediately. They have the best customer service and the associates go above and beyond to make sure our needs are met.

Completely Satisfied

Happy to give my business to those who make things happen! That’s S2 through and through :)

D.O. - Houston, TX

OMG I am in heaven! You guys are the flipping best!
Colleen is so sweet for remembering the story I told her about us driving to Florida and not stopping for them [Peaches]
I love you guys SO MUCH!!!!

A.M. ~ PA

Luckily, it seemed to have worked out – don’t doubt it when in S2 hands :)

Daniel - Houston, TX

You guys might be the most excited company ever!

James - Naugatuck, CT

Great job !!! thank you for making this happen. Customer is happy.

Beverly - Memphis, TN

Thank you Kristina for all of your help. You have been such a big help to me throughout all of this. It makes me feel good to know that there is someone out there that is working hard to make sure that our needs are met. I feel safe in knowing that we are in good hands. Thank you beyond measures.

T.B. - Automotive Supplier

S-2 is a GREAT company. I've dealt with them on many occasions when I've needed expedited service. Their professionalism is outstanding. Every pick up is made ON TIME. Every delivery is made ON TIME. They make me look a hero to my customers. Actually THEY are the heroes!

Lyn H.

You all provide the service we need in a carrier with quick responses when we request quotes, great rates, updates (updates a must) and you always find a way to get us a truck!!!! If I may, I want to speak on behalf of our team, S-2 is AWESOME!!!!!

S.L. - TX

You have terrific employees & we really appreciate all the hard work they do for us. We couldn’t be a success without them.


Hey! I just want to send a quick email to tell you guys how much I appreciate you, there is nothing you will not do for me and that means so much. So a huge THANK YOU to everybody in the office and to all the drivers. You guys rock. I love ya’ll!

N.M. - Atlanta, GA

You guys are my go-to! You always do such a great job, I just adore you guys 😊


You guys are great! Brittany and the Team have been amazing.  Everyone is responsive and helpful!  No complaints on our end at all.  It is a pleasure working with you guys. 😊


K.P. - NY